Historic information - Western Reservoir

The Western Reservoir is part of the Whittle Dene complex of seven reservoirs and treatment works located 12 miles (19km) to the west of Newcastle upon Tyne on the B6318 Military Road.

Whittle Dene forms the last stage in a chain of water supply reservoirs built along the A68 in Northumberland. From Catcleugh reservoir in the North West water is transferred by a series of tunnels and aqueducts through Colt Crag, Little Swinburne and Hallington reservoirs ending at Whittle Dene in the South East of the county from where the water is treated and supplied to Newcastle and Gateshead.

Construction work to build the reservoirs began in 1845 when the Whittle Dene Water Company was established, shortly after completion in 1848 the Newcastle and Gateshead Water Company came into being, and now the site is managed and operated by Northumbrian Water.

The reservoir keeper's house on the Western was designed and built in the neoclassical tradition by prominent local architect John Dobson, the most noted architect in the North of England.

The Western was for many years leased to a local angling club for trout fishing, and became affectionately known as "The Rainbow Pond" by those who fished the water during this era.

Please note NO trout remain within the reservoir!

During the spring of 2012 local angler Steve Jackson secured the fishing rights on the reservoir which is now being operated as a Private Members Only Carp Fishing Syndicate.