Big Paul Scott with a Western November 19lb 2oz   Western 18lb 5oz  
  Western September Upper Double   Western Barce of Doubles 27lb 10oz  
  A Bonny Double for Gilly   Western June Double  
  Western May 2014 18lb 2oz   Western) May 2014  
  December 2013 Mirror for Dan   19lb 6oz December 2013 Mirror  
  Another PB!!   June 2013  
  A lovely 15lb mirror one of 9 doubles in a 15
fish haul
  One of 9 doubles from the same trip  
  Moonlit Night   Morning Mist  
  A Corking double for a young angler   Back she goes  
  October 2012 Double   One of 11 from a quick over night trip  
  Two Tone Double for Steve   A July 2012 Double  
  Scott Everett with a chunky Western Double, part of a 16 fish haul   A Western Double  
  A Western Sunset   August 2012  
  A corking double for Steve Jackson   A frosty morning indeed  
  Some of the stunning fish that have been stocked into the Western Reservoir   Strong and healthy fish with cracking scale patterns  
  Varying sizes were also added to the mix   Stunning Doubles  
  Stunning fish   The shape of what's to come