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The Western Reservoir


The Western Reservoir is part of the Whittle Dene complex of seven reservoirs and treatment works located 12 miles (19 km) to the west of Newcastle upon Tyne.


The reservoirs were completed in 1848, and have given Newcastle and Gateshead a clean and regular supply of drinking water ever since.


Having previously been leased by a local game angling club the reservoir remained un-fished for several years after the club relinquished the fishing rights to the water, which in the past had only ever been stocked with trout.


Please note NO trout remain within the reservoir!


Northumberland isn't exactly blessed with many carp fishing venues, so when the opportunity arose to create a much needed carp fishing amenity for anglers in the North East, local angler Steve Jackson began discussions to secure the fishing rights on the reservoir and develop it into a carp water.


Negotiations with Northumbrian Water were completed in 2012 and Steve, as Syndicate Controller, is pleased to announce that the 17.5 acre Western Reservoir is now being run as a Private Members Only Carp Fishing Syndicate, the Syndicate operates 365 days per year including night fishing.


The reservoir has depths ranging between 8-20 feet with the western end being the shallowest with the depth of water gradually increasing towards the eastern end.


The Western received an initial stocking of C2 carp in March 2011. The main stocking of C3, C4, and C5 carp took place in April 2012, with an additional stocking of C2 and C2.5 fish being introduced later that year. Since then a further stocking of C4 carp took place in October 2017.


The venue has produced several different 20lb+ carp over recent years; with Catch Reports received from Members indicating the majority of fish in the reservoir are now well into double figures and that the average overall size of carp is steadily increasing year on year.


For further information on fish stocks, stocking levels, Lake Records, photos etc. check out the Catch Report section of the site and gallery.

Set in beautiful Northumbrian countryside the Western offers its Members quality fishing in quiet and peaceful surroundings; the venue is establishing its self as a good doubles water with an increasing number of mid to upper doubles and 20lb+ carp to target.


The Syndicate has its own private car parking area and male and female toilet facilities are provided on site.


If you are interested in joining and would like to be considered for Membership please download and complete the application form in the Western Reservoir Welcome Pack and email it to us.



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