whittle dene

The South Lake


This is arguably the best looking carp Lake on the complex, when you step on to the banks you could be in any county of the UK.


This is the carp anglers dream water, small enough to offer intimate surroundings, but big enough at around 3.5 acres to offer a varied array of features and some good "open water".


Not a really deep water, being between 3 to 9ft it is however an ideal depth of water for the fish to flourish in.


This is an absolute gem of a lake over 275 yards long, with a good fringe of reed mace and common bur reed present around the margins.


There are some interesting underwater features and the far tree line provides plenty of good cover for the carp to patrol along.


The Lake has nine well-spaced swims around its perimeter which offer a good degree of privacy and allow access to the numerous features the water contains.


The water was fenced in during July 2012 and an initial stocking of 39 carp ranging in size between 5 - 17lb took place during the summer of 2012, the Lake opened to fishing in 2014.


Since then further introductions of carp have taken place and good growth rates and weight gains are being attained across all the year classes of fish that have been stocked.


For further information on fish stocks, stocking levels, Lake Records, photos etc. check out the Catch Report section of the site and gallery.


North and South Lake Syndicate Members enjoy being able to fish two different waters on the same site and value the choice and flexibility that Membership of both Lakes provides.


Being over 270 yards long with a couple of swims on the far bank some barrow work is required.


If you are interested in joining and would like to be considered for Membership please download and complete the application form in the North, South and Long Pond Welcome Pack and email it to us.

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