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The North Lake


The North Lake consists of three main bodies of water; the North, South and Back Bay, all connected to each other by two large back channels, one which runs the length of the North Bay formed by a spit and the second created from a large thin island which separates the South bay from the Back Bay.


A central spur of land divides the North Bay from the South Bay.


The Lake is approximately 6 acres, although it is hard to establish the exact size from aerial pictures as the back channels and bank side surrounding the water are covered by trees and foliage.


Water depths are between 4 to 9ft, and the North Bay is slightly shallower than the South and Back Bays.


The North Lake has much to offer within its expanses of open water which contain numerous features including; gravel patches, humps, bumps, shallow bars and depressions, along with some larger stones and boulders.


Its deep tree lined margins encourage the fish to come right into the edge and carp can invariably be seen moving between the channels that connect the Bays to each other.


Fifteen strategically placed swims are situated around the perimeter of the Lakes three Bays and along the central spur, some command expanses of open water whilst others get you right in the woodwork.


A couple of smaller stalking spots have been included for the short session angler along with some larger swims more suited for longer "sessions" or doubling up in.

During the winter of 2011/12 the Team made every effort to remove most of the nasty under water snags that were present, be assured though that there is still more than enough over hanging willow to provide the cover required to hold and keep the fish visiting the margins.


This was the first water on the complex to be "fenced in" and was stocked during the summer of 2012 when over 100 carp ranging in size between 4 - 15lb were introduced, the Lake opened to fishing in 2013.


Since then further introductions of carp have taken place and the fish have thrived.


These fish and subsequent stockings are from good looking and reliable strains most are mirrors, although there is a nice sprinkling of commons present too. Some of the carp stocked are stunning Orchid/Horseshoe crosses; the others come from "big" brood stock with a proven track record of growth whilst maintaining excellent looks.


For further information on fish stocks, stocking levels, Lake Records, photos etc. check out the Catch Report section of the site and gallery.


We have seen a small number of chub and sticklebacks in the Lake and there are a few eels present but that's more or less it other than the carp we have introduced.


We hope that the North Lake will appeal to most carp anglers who are looking to get a few bites in very pleasant surroundings. There is ample car parking in three locations and drop off points for "the spit" and farm banks, and South and Back Bays.


Some swims will however take a little bit of barrow work. Please check out the map for more detail.


If you are interested in joining and would like to be considered for Membership please download and complete the application form in the North, South and Long Pond Welcome Pack and email it to us.


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