whittle dene
    mid lagoon

The Long Lake


Experience has taught us that you never quite know what to expect from fish or the water into which they are stocked, but this one has all the ingredients for them to excel.


It's a challenging Lake of around 4.5 acres in size, it's over 320 Yards long, narrow, shallow, silty,has hard gravel patches and numerous features including islands and over hanging willows, and is fringed with rush and reeds.


The average depth is 3 to 4ft although there are deeper areas available to the fish at either end of the Lake.


Suffice to say it has a true pre-historic feel and could be described as being a "cretaceous lagoon". This venue will be suited to the more experienced and pioneering carp hunter!


Expect the odd hit, but a few fish a season may well be a more realistic target here.


We expect all the captures will be well earned, and be the kind of carp that years later can still be clearly remembered when reminiscing in the pub!


In no way shape or form is this intended to be a runs water!

This is a venue for dedicated carp fishers who enjoy; solitude, and pitting their wits against a wily quarry that isn't dependent on angler's baits to survive, in short a proper old school carp fishing challenge.


We sincerely hope that this will be the Lake that turns out to be a "big fish" venue for serious carp anglers offering a realistic chance of a UK personal best.


The Lake received an initial stocking of carp in 2013 when 25 fish ranging in size between 9lb 8oz - 22lb were introduced into their new home.


Since then an additional 15 hand-picked quality fish up to 22lb 8oz have been introduced, our aim over the next two to three years is to achieve a stocking level of around 10-12 fish an acre, which will give our carp the best possible opportunity to grow so they can realise their maximum potential! The Lake opened to fishing in 2017.


For further information on fish stocks, stocking levels, Lake Records, photos etc. check out the Catch Report section of the site and gallery.


North, South and Long Lake Syndicate Members enjoy being able to fish three distinctly different waters on the same site and value the flexibility and freedom of choice that Membership of all three Lakes provides.


Drop off and unloading spots are located in passing places along the roadside, two are situated behind the swims furthest from the car park to ease the burden of lugging heavy gear around. Some barrow work is required to reach the swims at the Northern end of the Lake.

If you are interested in joining and would like to be considered for Membership please download and complete the application form in the North, South and Long Pond Welcome Pack and email it to us.

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